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 aka Supercompensation Optimizer at Alessandro Degasperi’s side on the road to Ironman World Championship Finale 2016 in Kona (Hawaii). SuperOp is the only system for determining the optimal intensity of your next training session. It has received the “Innovation  Award 2016” in occasion of the international bike exhibition CosmoBike Show in Verona a few days ago. SuperOp is the performance improvement process that your body undertakes to respond to the training stress. Training causes a performance improvement only if its workload is appropriate for your supercompensation phase. An excessive workload is harmful; too light a load does not sufficiently stimulate your response. SuperOp is the only tool to identify the perfect training workload, in order to maximizes your performance improvement.

Degasperi aka “Il Dega” is really passionate about technology; for this reason, he wanted to test SuperOp personally since July 2016, observing all the great functionality and preciseness about measurements. “Considering that the latest races of Degasperi were monitored through the use of SuperOp – Maurizio Binello said – we are proud to support IL DEGA all the way to Kona 2016 telling his training sessions.”

The social media posts about Il Dega and SuperOp can be followed on Degasperi’s social media channel ( Facebook Twitter Instagram ) inserting the official hashtag #DegaSuperOp2016.