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Milan, 2017 January, 28

Alessandro Degasperi aka “il DEGA” is the winner for the second consecutive time of Gala del Triathlon Award, the annual italian Triathlon Award organized by Dario Nardone (Head & Director of Fantatriathlon Community Zone – Triathlon & Finisher), happened today at Auditorium Testori (Building of Lombardy Region), the house of italian Triathlon. Special guest was Linus, the famous italian DeeJay and Art Director of Radio Deejay, the best italian radio.

Alessandro Degasperi has send this video for all of participants at Gala, sponsors supporters and friends. Indeed, he is in Catania (Sicily) at the moment, for his second Traning Camp of the season. Il DEGA is the best 2016 LONG DISTANCE Athlete.