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EKOI (the world’s only true brand that allows cyclists to customise their gear from head to foot), is the new partner of Alessandro Degasperi (aka “il Dega”), for this new 2017 triathlon season.

The Ekoi brand is one of the leading brands in France for cycling and triathlon wear and accessories, developing new ranges and new products and investing in research so as to unceasingly improve the range of products and satisfy the expectations of clients, plus those of the professional athletes who choose to wear Ekoi clothing. Ekoi is present also on social media with a strong community who remain always active; indeed, the internet is the primary means of maintaining the relationship with the customers. Passion for cycling and triathlon is the MISSION of Ekoi, as much as the role of Ekoi Ambassador. There are many famous athletes as VAN LIERDE, ARU, BILLARD, SUDRIE and the BROWNLEE Brothers for example, who trust in Ekoi products: “I’m so proud and happy to start my season with this new partnership. EKOI is a young and technological brand 100% focused on research and development.”

EKOI said: “We are proud and honoured to have with us the italian Pro Triathlete Alessandro Degasperi as Ekoi Ambassador. EKOI’s aim is to remain at the forefront of innovation also thanks to the collaboration with international Pro Athletes like Alessandro. He has a strong and passionate guy, always in front to improve the quality of product. These innate attitudes are our add values. We wish to Alessandro the best results for a great triathlon season.”