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COMPEX®, the Swiss brand that has built up unparalleled expertise over a period of just over thirty years in the areas of physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training, is the new partner of Alessandro Degasperi (aka “il Dega”) for this new 2017 triathlon season. Over the years, Compex’s flagship electrostimulation technology has become an essentially to health care professionals and the most demanding athletes. It is now a widely known training technique coming from an unparalleled expertise, used for physical preparation, muscular recovery, injury prevention and pain treatment. COMPEX® Electrical Muscle Stimulation becomes essential when you are looking to improve your performance and well-being; whether as a complement to or occasionally to replace voluntary physical activity. Whether this involves training, muscle work, relaxation, a desire to improve your shape, to recover or else to relieve a pain, COMPEX® fully assumes its responsibilities as electrostimulation market leader.

“I’m very happy to represent a top brand as COMPEX® in the world – Alessandro Degasperi said – Electrostimulation technology is a great benefit for all of triathlets. The faultless technology of COMPEX®, drawn from its double roots – Swiss quality and medical requirement – is, furthermore, easy to use and one of the best functional training as well as a way to recovery. Training programs improve from day to day with the goal of physical wellness. For this reason is very important to avoid the overloaded of muscular structure, planning a few sessions of electrostimulation technology.”

“We are proud and honoured to announce this partnership with “il Dega” – COMPEX® said – because we work with the top athletes in the world who represents our brand, values and mission. Thanks to the collaboration with Freddy Romano MD, we are working to complete the training plan of Alessandro with specific session of electrostimulation technology. If electrostimulation is beneficial for everyone and if it enables everyone to find or awaken their potential, then everyone should have access to conditions of maximum effectiveness! We wish good look and job to Alessandro, supporting him everyday with our technology.”