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The relationship between Alessandro Degasperi and fi’zi:k goes on for some years now: it’s more than a partnership, there’s no doubt! Fi’zi:k is a racing brand that represents beauty, speed, passion; freedom for those who race against each other, race against the clock and for enthusiast cyclists around the world who identify with the feeling of “the fire of competition”. Respect, friendship, collaboration, research and development and attention to details, are the key values for Degasperi and fi’zi:k: “My relationship with fi’zi:k goes well for some years now – Degasperi said – and it’s 100% focused to find the best aerodynamic solutions. We made a good job with Tritone seat last year, and now, we continue to improve the job with the new Mistica, testing also the current R1B shoes (one of the best cycling shoes on the marketplace) in order to improve their high quality.”

Fi’zi:k’s experience at creating the world’s best road saddles has informed research and design into specific saddles for triathlon. What they’ve learned about the special demands of triathlon saddle with the Tritone has been honed into the impressive new Mistica. A stubby, noseless shape allows comfort and pure performance in the aero tuck position required for your fastest triathlon cycling leg. The extra long rail – a super light, strong carbon on this model – allows for maximum adjustment fore and aft to promote the perfect aero riding position. The Mistica’s new channel design enables better weight distribution across sit bones and the new seamless, friction-free nose construction delivers improved riding comfort, while an extra grippy material provides maximum riding stability. With a carbon reinforced nylon shell and featuring a redesigned carriage kit that’s more versatile and easy to install.

Fi’zi:k’s range of road cycling shoes is developed in collaboration with leading professional cyclists and used to great effect by WorldTour, Olympic and World Championship riders. The best technologies, materials, R&D, testing and manufacture techniques are used to deliver you the best shoes for road riding and racing. R1B is the top of the range; the optimum in performance cycling shoe design; the perfect blend of comfort and light weight, fit, power transfer and aerodynamic efficiency. The R1B’s outsole is fully uni-directional carbon fiber – with built-in ventilation that further enhances both cooling and the aerodynamics. It combines with the proven supportive and comfortable Fi’zi:k Cycling Insole with sculpted footbeds and supportive heel to ensure that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals.

“We are very proud and honored to have Alessandro Degasperi with us – the Racing and Marketing Manager of fi’zi:k, Nicolò Ildos said – because he knows very well all the climate conditions of long distance races, on bike course expecially: high wind, muggy and more. We know also about the difficults of each race and in the same time we know well about the raw materials that comes into contact with skin (shoe and seat).”