Hi guys, I would like to introduce some features about my Polar V800, the advanced multisport GPS watch for serious sports enthusiasts and professional athletes who want to reach peak performance!


During my training I be able to monitor several parameters in order to improve my performance. This is a new versione of Polar V800 with other top features such as the Orthostatic and Fitness Test.

Orthostatic Test is an easy and reliable test to determine your current condition. It shows how your heart rate responds to training and factors such as stress and illness. By repeating the test regularly, you’ll learn what to expect with your heart rate and what can affect it. You can then adjust your training to allow your body to recover when it needs it. Easy!

Fitness test: If you’re looking to improve your fitness and want to keep up to date with how well you’re doing, the smart Fitness Test will tell you exactly what you need to know in just five minutes. By regularly comparing your test results, you can see what progress you are making and how your fitness is improving. Watch the video!

Furthermore, you can analyze your level of fatigue throught the Polar Flow software. After each training session, you’ll receive a description of your training load and the estimated time needed to recover from the session. It makes different kinds of training sessions comparable with each other by converting the training load of a session into a recovery need estimation.

Polar V800 is the perfect solution for swimming indoor and open water also with its new functions. Read more here. With particular regard to the bike, Polar V800 is perfectly compatible with Kéo Power Blutooth Smart kit and all bike sensors. With the help of the FLOW you can “relive” your training

Running Index: Would you improve your ability to run? If you’re looking to keep on top of your running performance you’ll find this feature a big help. Regular use over time allows you to see how efficient your running is. Your Running Index score is calculated automatically after every run, based on your heart rate and from the speed data collected from your GPS or stride sensor. A higher reading indicates that you can run faster with less effort. In V800, this feature can also recognize if you’re running uphill or downhill. 

Watch the video !

Keep up the smile and enjoy yourself.. Easy!