“Learn something new every day.”

IM Cozumel was not in my plans  – as I said – but I chose to play this race after my 20th place at IM World Championship Finale. I tried to do my best in order to obtain a good position in the new ranking KPR 2017, but for the second consecutive year I missed this goal.

This Triathlon season was totally full (I started in Buenos Aires 9 months ago), and after my 3rd place in Klagenfurt, I stopped for the first recovery time before Kona, my goal for this year; then my 3rd place in Challenge Forte Village Sardinia (I was a little bit tired) and other 2 weeks in Sardinia in order to continue my training plan for Cozumel. I tried to make it in the best way, with the goal to take advantage of my physical condition in the last time of the year, assuming also a negative result. During the race I realized that my physical condition was not good..

In anyway, I pushed very hard this year (3 IM are not easy), then I came back home a little bit afraid but also very grateful for my family, staff, sponsors and friends around Italy, who supported me every day. Now it’s time to rest and think. Thanks to all of you.