“Triathlon is a great sport because you can work from a place of comfort, while also challenging yourself in new and exciting ways. Success is always relative, success keeps you motivated, and triathlon offers many different ways to achieve your success. So, why not Indoor?

This was the introduction of my last post after my arrival in Madrid 3 days ago. I was of the few guests who has actually been invited at the first edition of Indoor Triathlon Championship, hosted by my friends of TriatlonWorld in Boadilla del Monte, a town and municipality located in the center of the Community of Madrid. My friends of TriatlonWorld are always in front to promote Triathlon locally, so they have organized the first Indoor Triathlon Championship from 2016 October 1 to 2017 February 28. The challenge is open to all athletes:

Babies – 250 mt swim, 6 km bike and 1,5 km run

Kids – 450 mt swim, 10 km bike and 2,5 km run

Age Group & Pro Athletes – 750 mt swim, 17,5 km bike and 3,5 km run

Thanks to SANTINI Maglificio Sportivo, my sponsor since many years and official supplier of TriatlonWorld, for the opportunity to try this “closed-door” training. In very truth, after three weeks of total rest, I was a little bit struggling. I was very happy to meet my spanish friends, no pressure, no stress.. just for fun! (and take a look to the best triathlon equipment)