The last two months have been hard (I went back and forth from Trentino to Milan), and i tried all the best settings for my new CEEPO VIPER-R. Three weeks ago, I went to Fassa Bortolo Velodrome in Montichiari (Brescia) for testing the best setting on the bike thanks to the help of my coach Alberto Buci and Niklas Quetri & Enrico Licini of 4 PERFORMANCE – Training & Test Center; we could see directly on race track every little change. There were also the guys of DOLOMITICA NUOTO Triathlon Team with us and other triathletes who we train. It was a great occasion for me to try the best aerodynamics conditions directly on race track, and for the guys to live a professional cycling experience on friendly terms.

Successively I went to the headquarters of COMPEX® Italy to signing the contract of my new partnership with the Swiss brand that has built up unparalleled expertise over a period of just over thirty years in the areas of physiotherapy, pain treatment and sports training. Electrostimulation technology is a great benefit for all of triathlets. The faultless technology of COMPEX®, drawn from its double roots – Swiss quality and medical requirement – is, furthermore, easy to use and one of the best functional training as well as a way to recovery. A few days ago, I’ve tried all settings made in Montichiari with a long bike ride on Garda Lake with start and finish in Peschiera del Garda.

Recently, I worked with EKOI (another new brand that will support me in 2017) in the “cycling wind tunnel” at Newton lab in Rho (Milan), to test new helmet prototypes and obtaining good data about my aerodynamics. My season has started in a good way after my shoulder injury year-end.

The next appointment for the 3rd edition of my Triathlon Camp (supported by Allenatime) will be in Malcesine (Verona, Italy) from 17 to 19 March, together with Martina Dogana, Alessandro Bertolini and Coach Alberto Bucci, and hosted by my friend Massimo Marchiotto of Hotel Antonella. Three days 100% focused on Triathlon, friendship and good food! 😉 Take a loof to the program: ALLENATI CON NOI 2017_Malcesine 😉