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I’m very happy to introduce my friend Corinne Deriot, a French artist based in Metz (France) married with a triathlete husband. Corinne exhibits in Europe and Florida and her artworks have been a part of MAISON&OBJET show (the international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and trends) in 2016 and her work is full of creativity and ideas. Corinne chooses parts of her own photographs and defragments, deconstructed to reconstruct with the same pieces, in order to create multiple graphics whose infinitely repeated patterns resonate like a percussion sequence. She is interested in detail to bring it to the spotlight, make it vibrate, give it a place in its own right, in a colorful, elegant and glamorous universe.

The global picture is a photography composition done with photos of letters taken “all around the world”. The letters together are the sentence: SWIM BIKE RUN I AM A TRIATHLETE, the perfect motto for men and women! 😉

Furthermore, Corinne made a job for Triathlète Magazine in 2012 as photoreporter in Narbonne (France) with her husband Philippe Simon, who wrote the article about the Extreme Man race.

Take a look to the SWIM BIKE RUN I AM A TRIATHLETE collection here.. you will find the best TRI-art-solution for your home! 😉

For infos (size and more), please send an a mail to corinne@corinne-deriot-photos.com inserting code ALESSANDRO D in order to benefit of 10% on the public price.

HURRY UP.. every artwork is in limited edition (30 all around the world)!